What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do?

          Your income and family might depend on legal immigration status.  If so, an attorney can be valuable to make sure your immigration is done properly--the first time. 
     I achieve legal immigration status in America for individuals, families, and businesses. My immigration cases are careful and thorough.  As a result, I have a 100% green card approval record. Licensed by the Supreme Court of Minnesota, admitted to U.S. District Court, and U.S. Immigration Court. 
     If your situation is complicated or confusing, we specialize in consultations to sort out a correct course of action, and what action is NOT proper. Many people are surprised by what options are actually available, even citizenship! I specialize in changes of status so you can stay in America. And I am one of few experts in criminal defense for noncitizens, so you are not deported from America. 
     Chaudhary Law Office, PLLC, stands by this value proposition: You'll have a relationship with your lawyer, and he will consider every unique part of your particular situation. Together, we will fight to secure your immigration status.
     Our main website: Chaudhary Immigration Attorneys.


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