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EB5 Visas (PART 1)

The EB5 green card program allows investment in America. What Does It Take to Get An EB5 Visa? Why the interest in an "EB5," or (Employment-Based 5) category of green card, or Legal Permanent Resident, in the United States? The short answer is: Speed.   The EB5 category is the fastest method of a noncitizen to become a Legal Permanent Resident in the United States.  As with all methods of immigration, however, there's a tradeoff.  The speed of permanent entry is offset by a high standard of eligibility, and more importantly a high expense.  But those that can afford a sizable investment into U.S. business, hiring employees, OR local government projects along with high legal fees may consider this mutually beneficial approach.  But beware, the documentation required rivals an SEC audit.  In short, the EB5 is a "strings attached" process of mutually beneficial immigration to America. The applicant must invest in a new, expanding, or troubled bu