What's In A Level 1 Wage?

I recently answered the following questions:

1. Do we qualify for H1B if we are hourly and level 1 wage?
2. Can we apply for H1B and also STEM extension?
3. Is premium processing of H1B necessary?


1. You can qualify.  But, some problems occur with Level 1 wages when they are low enough to question whether the occupation is really a specialty. So it depends on the job duties/requirements, and best examined on a case-by-case basis.  In other words, a wage by any other name may or may not smell as sweet!

2. Yes.

3. No but usually worth the expense. Some IT consultants refuse to premium process in order to retain the prospect in current employment as long as possible, or play the “project shuffle.” See a licensed attorney for options to address this.


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