Choosing An Immigration Lawyer

This is going to be an ongoing series of postings about choosing an immigration lawyer. Today I chatted with someone who needed a lawyer because his mother died but left property in India and has a dispute with his sister. It was mainly a counseling session on how to focus the issues, sift out emotions, and pick the right lawyer. To recap:

One. Absolutely be aware of any impending deadlines and tell a prospective lawyer immediately. I advised this individual to send a letter overnight express to request additional time to respond to a motion so he could find another lawyer. He can even ask his previous lawyer as a courtesy to e-file it.

Two. Dial back the emotional fervor. Seek grief counseling. If there is no relevant death in the circumstances, think about one’s emotions in general. This helps a potential lawyer analyze your situation and decipher facts from emotions.

Three. When looking for attorneys, focus on the factual issues. Identify your specific role in the matter to a potential lawyer from the beginning. Some issues may need to be dealt buy another type of lawyer.

Four. If you have been a legal permanent resident for many years, I strongly recommend getting your citizenship.

Five. If you don’t end up hiring someone, but an attorney was helpful, provide a positive Google review.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about choosing an immigration lawyers.


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