Educating Employers on H1B Visas

I recently answered the following question:

"When questioned about my H1b, my employer told me that he has no clue about the process or cost. How much does it cost to sponsor H1b and where can I find other related information regarding the same. I have to do some research on this and update my employer."


If your employer is serious about sponsoring you, they may consider a comprehensive consultation with an immigration attorney.

It is the employer who completes, files, and monitors the petition for a prospective H1B employee--from prevailing wage determination to embassy stamping. If it's the business's first H1B petition, it will quickly find out that it must also learn and comply with various labor regulations to which they aren't accustomed. Researching and reporting basic knowledge about U.S. immigration, by a foreign national unfamiliar with our system, can result in miscommunication and missteps. And since the annual quota is filled within days, any rejection even for erical errors can result in a missed deadline.

An H1B visa is essentially a complex subset of employment law. As such, there is no way a foreign national can simply "manage the paperwork" and have their boss simply sign off--without setting up their employer (and themselves) for problems. This is your life, and you've worked too hard to get where you are today. So offer yourself enough value to secure your H1B the right way, the first time. 

Here is a H1B Visa Primer to help begin your understanding of this process. Our Minneapolis immigration attorneys are the best at walking new H1B employers through the process.


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