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One of my own soup recipes. For a light-hearted change, I am posting a recipe. Most people don't know that I'm an avid purveyor of soup.  From broth to seasoning, from roil to serving, I take great pride in my soups.  I have spent up to several days creating the perfect broth that is inviting to the eye, stellar tasting, and with ultra-nutritional value. Most of all, I suppose, I love "dumping" a bunch of ingredients in a crock pot at night and waking up to a delectable dish.  But a good soup need not be complicated, either, in order to be healthy and taste great. I can be particular myself, but soups can be very simple to make! So, while more people are at home, and to further the "social" aspect of social media, here is one of my own soup recipes. This soup is a simple shortcut.  It is also 100% vegan, yet it is 110% delicious and filling! P.S. Carnivores can simply add shredded chicken or favorite seafood. 100% Vegan and Delicious Soup Pu