EB2 India: The Long Wait (Guest Column)

The Long Wait for EB2 India

What is "EB2 India"? It refers to citizens of India the employment-based green card category for Masters and high experience-level specialty occupations. It's an issue for discussion because, even though an employer has proven there is no American available to do the job, there are still per-country total limits on annual green card allotments. So, India being a high population country with lots of tech workers in the U.S., their wait for a work green card is longer than other countries around 10 years longer! In fact, most countries don't use up their annual limit and the remaining green card slots go mostly unused. Having said this, here is a nice presentation from my colleague Bob Webber at Webber Law, PLLC on the inner workings of the particular process, EB2 India.


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