Time to Play...OPT Jeopardy!

How many violations in this post can you guess?
It seems the immigration scammers become bolder every day. Today I came across this little gem posting for indentured servitude amongst the foreign student population. And why not?  As I said before in previous posts about IT consultant abuse, there are no prevailing wage requirements for foreign student trainees like there is for H1B visa workers. However, this erstwhile recruiter forgot the U.S. has another area of law that governs fair labor for everyone. For fun, how many violations in this post can you guess?

So, in the spirit of Jeopardy and honoring Alex Trebeck, here are the "questions":

1) What is a maximum age requirement?
2) What is hiring someone from a specific immigration category?
3) What is inducement into prohibited work arrangements?
4) What is the requirement of work authorization before a job offer?

For verification of these violations and more, you can visit the USCIS explanation of employee rights here.

Can you identify any more violations from Mr. Ram Rajan, Professional (Labor Violation) Guru??  Let me know!  Until then, here is the classic Jeopardy skit from Saturday Night Live!


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