A body of evidence is required to meet the standard for "bona fide marital relationship."

I was recently asked the following question:

I am planning to get married in India later this year. We will opt for court marriage instead of traditional one. For visa interview purposes, is court marriage sufficient to prove that marriage is legal. Do we need to do traditional marriage to prove marriage is legal?


I get this question a lot, because it's a good one.  Traditional marriages are usually better to demonstrate that a "bona fide marital relationship" exists. But, they are not always necessary because the method of marriage is not the only determinant of a bona fide marital relationship. It's not even the primary determinant. One must provide a whole body of evidence to meet the standard. So it's not whether the marriage is legal, but whether the relationship is real. I recommend reading the instructions for form I-130, or some people hire an attorney to assemble a quality application.

In my experience, sincere marriages are not difficult to prove, but can often be tedious depending on the circumstances.  

So, in the words of the Princess Bride, "Tweasuwe Youwe Wove." Enjoy:


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