Breaking RE: H1B Cap

New H1B Visa for FY19 Cap Filled in 5 Days.

And just like that, the cap is full.

Well, that did escalate fast didn't it? The USCIS announced this morning that it has received more new H1B visa applications than it can approve under law for FY19.  Although not explicitly stated, previous practice tells us that USCIS has now ostensibly begun a "lottery" process for selecting which applications it will even consider for approval or denial, and which applications will be returned with their filing fee checks uncashed.  Actually, the timeline for this announcement, five days after applications were allowed to be filed, is about the same as previous years as well. 

Chaudhary Immigration Attorneys also filed new, Cap-subject H1B petition on behalf of clients this year.  Our practice is to ensure petitions arrive at USCIS on the first day applications were accepted, this year being this past Monday, April 2.  Fingers crossed now that they will be accepted for consideration. 

More analysis to come. 

And just for fun, here's the video from Ron Burgundy's famous quote:


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