Removal of Conditions

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Q: What are the requirements if I need to remove the condition on my two-year green card.  When do i need to apply exactly?

A:  If you received your marriage green card within two years of marriage, your permanent residency is "conditional." This means you must prove your prove that your marital relationship still exists and is bona fide after two years. Obviously this is meant to prevent fraudulent marriages for immigration purposes. I tell my clients this process it is basically like applying for your green card again in terms of what documents you need to provide. The form is I-751. The documents should come primarily from the two-year time period since green card approval. You are showing that you still have a bonafide marital relationship and that it was entered into in good faith. Provide joint bank statements, residential lease/mortgage/deed, joint tax filings, photographs, receipts from notable events, joint insurance, and even a Will and Power of Attorney. But if there are ANY complications please contact an attorney. In fact, contact an attorney anyway because they can identify if you have any complications you've overlooked.


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