Citizenship 3-Year Rule


I recently answered the following question:

Q:  I am applying for a citizenship based on marriage. I was wondering when I am filling out the form do i base my answers on 3 years work, travel and residence history or do i still have to include 5 years worth of work, travel and residence history? Do I need to include an additional sheet explaining why i have submitted just 3 years worth of work, travel and residence history or should i just scratch the number 5 in the form wherever necessary and put the number 3 above that? 

A:  Don't scratch anything out. I think your separate sheet idea is better. There is also space in some of the answers for explanations on the form itself, so use those whenever possible. Since you are only using three years it is important that you emphasize, In your supporting documentation that you are eligible for that timeline. This means demonstrating, almost like you did in your green card application, that you have continued to reside in a bona fide marital relationship. Also keep in mind that you have additional residency requirements like actual presence for 18 months, in addition to the three years physical presence requirement, as well as three months in your USCIS jurisdiction.


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