There’s a new addition to the vocabulary of corporatese: the "tribe."

I hope it doesn’t get cliché like "deep dive," "reach out," and my personal pet peeve, "deliverables." That’s because I really subscribe to the concept "tribe" as a clue to my lifelong desire for a sense of belonging, how to analyze a potential jury, or o whom I direct blog writing, to name just a few.

One of the reasons I like this concept is be because as a solo attorney, it is important to distinguish with practicing in my own law firm, and being alone. I’m very much part of a tribe, they don’t simply partake in weekly partner meetings or from picnics. But being a tribe as a solo attorney is just as if not more critical. I very much believe in and mutual sense of purpose in what we do, whether in work play or family. In the end, it’s what makes you get up and want to go to work in the morning and do a good job. Humans need purpose, I tried with common interests, have always been a part of humanity and or the essence to our species, I believe paragraph

So how to foster this in a solo wall practice? There are many ways, but one way I thought about today is by being more vocal about my cases with the people around me who I don’t often recognized as essential to my work. No I’m not talking about preaching attorney-client privilege. I’m talking about expressing the importance of a case to, for example, my process server.

Here’s a conversation I had today:

Great thanks!  If we can get these papers, a young woman who was raped and beaten by different men throughout high school could stay in the U.S. instead of being deported.
Wow. That certainly puts it in a different light.
I'm trying to do a better job of putting a human face on all the my requests for help. Jeff you play in important role in my efforts, and I should make you feel more a part of the team effort you are already in. It also gives us everyone a heightened sense of purpose in what we do.
Thank you. Glad to help. As I said, knowing that creates a different sense of purpose.

I think Jeff felt better about his task tomorrow morning. And I think, for the same price, I will receive better value for my money just by voicing a few simple important words. Haven’t we all felt a little bit better about what we were doing by being included?

I’m not magnanimous, I don’t do this all the time. I’m not very good at it frankly because I’m so much of an introvert. But my choice, perhaps as an introvert, to be a solo practitioner, does not absorb any of my duty to be a better team player with whomever I work. It’s about professionalism, it’s about hoping my game, it’s about serving that client, in this case a young woman victimized, really really needs my help.

As I dictate this at the stoplight on the way home, I feel better already about my day and I’m ready to go do it again tomorrow!


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